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Many projects completed by us are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can be assured that all projects contracted through Authentic Restoration, Inc. exceed our clients highest expecations and we take pride in providing the highest quality building preservation services at competitive prices.

The qualified staff of Authentic Restoration, Inc. includes correctly trained experienced professionals utilizing only the most appropriate restoration and repair techniques accepted and approved by the United States Department of the Interior. We use only the finest preservation products and materials available to the industry and back our workmanship with an outstanding warranty. Please visit our Satisfied Clients page and discover many more reasons why Authentic Restoration, Inc. is the "intelligent choice" for all of your building restoration and preservation needs.

We Often Repair Other Contractors Work.

Many Projects we work on require correcting a contractor’s previous work.  Inappropriate materials and repair practices always result in early failure of the work and causing even more damage to the building, wasting your money and lowering the value of your property.  Our clients get peace of mind and exceptional value knowing their project is correctly done the first time by a qualified contractor you can trust.

Here is a building that was tuck-pointed incorrectly by a “reputable” restoration contractor with 30 years of experience. The result 5 years later is a hundreds of spalled and damaged bricks, missing or failed mortar joints and white efflorescence leaching our all over the buildings brick facade.


Historic Church Repairs In Progress Jefferson, WI.

Craftsman Tuck-pointing a Brick Facade Building.

Our repair conservators are highly skilled, dedicated craftsmen and take pride in their exceptional work. Here a craftsman repairs a damaged ornate stone carving.


Here a piece of damaged historic terra cotta with detailed features has been repaired and restored back to perfect condition using a special masonry repair system.


Before & After


Building Repairs, Chicago, IL.


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